when life

“When life gives you lemons. . . ”

“When life throws ya a curveball. . .”

There are tons of clichés about what we should do when life is hard.  I think it’s because when it comes down to it, no one really has a clue.  It’s so much easier to stick a trite band aid on hurt than it is to tell the truth, which is: sometimes things just suck, and sometimes they will suck for a while.  NOT forever (because we do have choices in how we deal with things), but when something HAPPENS—or DOESN’T HAPPEN, it hurts.  Like hell.

I got a curveball not too long ago, and I know plenty of people who have had even harder ones come their way—speedballs thrown straight at their chest.  One of the greatest and hardest things about my job as a hairstylist is that we talk to people all day long.  We get to know our clients’ stories and lives, and they get to know ours.

I’ve never been a good faker.  I’ve had some pretty (now) hilarious moments standing behind the chair, talking to a client with tears streaming down my face.  Sounds horrible, right?  But the thing that surprises me still is that these people (some of them who’ve been coming to me for twelve years and have seen me go through many stages in life), have not shirked or squirmed, they’ve looked me back in the face with tears in their eyes and have loved me through it.  Most days, we as hairstylists also function as therapists—it’s a part of the job that I love.  What I’ve loved learning more recently is that it’s okay, even in that role, to say I’m not okay.

It’s been a lesson in humility and humor, and a great reminder that none of us should try to do it all on our own.

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7 thoughts on “when life

  1. Kristin, such words of truth. It’s one of the most beautiful things about being a stylist, the life-giving support that goes both ways clientstylist. <3 What I know about you is that you make the most unique, poetic, interesting & lovely lemonade. xo

  2. I think that not having a plan to deal with lifes curveballs is sometimes what makes it so interesting. A few years ago I lost my job and whilst it was upsetting, it was also an exciting time and looking back it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

  3. I love your blog, I’ve battled between being a hairstylist and a writer for so long and reading this makes me realize I CAN DO BOTH 😊

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